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Accounting consulting

Accounting consulting

Accounting consulting is a service service for providing a range of services for business, related to the process of conduct of accounting, maintaining accounting data, registration of documentation and tax accounting of company.

Accounting consulting comes true on next directions:

• registration of company in a tax organ and opening a bank account;
• selection of the most appropriate taxation regime and further optimization of tax deductions;
• verification of calculations with contractors and accruals to employees;
• a correct and timely serve of the tax accounting, forms in extra-budgetary funds, statistics and other departments to which companies are required to report;
• proper accounting and registration of primary documentation;
• verification of the legality of actions performed by the enterprise, including financial ones;
• an analysis of current documentation is an audit;
• a choice of software for the conduct of book-keeping;
• control of property, shots, financial streams;
• recovery of accounting;
• correct liquidation, division, consolidation, opening of branches;

Even in case of presence in the state of accountant (including main), not speaking about companies, where a record-keeping is conducted independently by an owner, accounting consulting is not superfluous. Firstly, a man outside can control work of a full-time accountant: will notice errors, will tell you how to optimize processes into a book-keeping and increase efficiency. Secondly, our consultants have an experience work with different spheres business, while your accountants “rotate” only inside the company.

Our employees have significant experience and possibilities for the decline of the tax loading. Having the experience, permanent contact with fiscal organs, the study of judicial and tax disputes and precedents, tracking constantly changing legislation, they will help to do everything according to the law, while paying less tax.