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Datacenter cleaning services

The sensitivity of data centers requires specialized cleaning services and equipment… Our company provides both.

You can discuss your requirements with us, knowing that we have the experience to create the cleanest and safest IT environment possible. Whether it’s a pre-cleanup or a full cleanup, we’ll tailor a customized service for you.

The four pillars of data center cleaning services

A data center is a collection of valuable information and valuable equipment. Our data center cleaning services will ensure that these sensitive IT areas are as clean as possible. We also clean them during the construction and commissioning phase.

Your data center

It is important to keep the data center clean and free of contamination, as this ensures its smooth daily operation. We use the latest technology and specialized anti-static equipment to clean and protect the IT infrastructure.

General Customer

We always consider two customers: you and your employees, as well as your end-user. We recognize that data center cleaning touches a delicate environment and that our work can indirectly affect its performance, so we perform our cleaning services by best practices, after careful analysis, and with 100% adherence to all pre-agreed work and schedules.

Collaborative Teams

When it comes to cleaning sensitive hardware environments, teamwork is very important. Our specialist teams are friendly and flexible. Our employees work together with you and your business needs.

General knowledge

We believe that collaborative teamwork leads to knowledge sharing. Even in sensitive IT environments, we try to make sure our employees understand your company culture, which makes working with you more efficient.