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House cleaning

We clean homes for individuals, companies, as well as the government or diplomatic corps.

Our company professionally performs house cleaning at your convenience in the presence of the customer or the absence of the residents of the house, so as not to disturb them in their free time. At the request of the customer, we can specify the most convenient schedule for cleaning the house, so it will be clean all the time.
We have reliable equipment and high-quality household cleaners – at our clients’ request, we will equip the house being cleaned with all the necessary cleaning products and cleaning equipment, i.e., vacuum cleaners, steam jets, and humidifiers. Our staff will clean your home using biological agents, so as not to cause any immediate allergic reactions to you. If you prefer, we will stock your favorite cleaning products or use your purchased products.

The four pillars of home cleaning services

Customer focus

Our company wants all of our customers to feel valued and listened to. Each of our teams has participated in training programs related to cleaning and customer service. Our people are dedicated and open-minded. We strive to provide both satisfactory cleaning results and excellent customer service.


Our company will listen to you and perform its duties according to your needs.

Specialist cleaning services

We have the best tools and devices to ensure that our customers’ buildings are kept to the appropriate standard of cleanliness.

Best Service

We use only professional detergents and devices. This allows the cleaning service to offer the highest quality services.