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Industrial cleaning services

We have had the opportunity to work on numerous industrial sites during all phases of construction, from laying the foundation to commissioning the building and beyond.

Our teams of specialists know construction law, which is effectively used in the implementation of new projects.
Our employees are fully prepared to work on the construction site and meet all customer and contractor requirements. We also assure you that we will complete the tasks within the agreed time frame, regardless of the requirements placed on us.

Industrial or commercial cleaning is a big challenge. We have extensive experience in this field from eight different countries, which allows us to use this expertise to create clean and safe workplaces for our customers.

Your construction site

We understand that a construction site is a unique environment. That’s why we offer customized cleaning service schedules, tailored to your timeline, for every phase of the project. We offer flexible cleaning packages and hours tailored to your needs.

General Customer

We focus on two customers: you and your employees and your end customer. Working on a construction site, we can communicate directly with your employees and subcontractors as well as with your client. That’s why our cleaning staff is trained and willing to be open, interested, and ready to help when needed.

Collaborative Teams

To provide a clean and safe workplace for you, your employees, and subcontractors, we focus on teamwork. We believe that teamwork is a core value of any business, and as your cleaning partner, we guarantee to work in partnership with you and your teams.

General knowledge

On a construction site where several different groups of people work, shared knowledge can help everyone achieve better results. Our company is focused on human resources, and we invest in regular employee training so that our teams know the assumptions of a given project and scope of work.