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Implementation of turnkey projects

Offering turnkey renovations allows you to quickly move into a fully finished space. One contract, one contractor, fixed price, deadline guarantee, and many other conveniences.

The implementation of turnkey facilities covers the entire investment process, from its planning, technical advice, budget and cost planning, construction, and finishing work on the object to the handover of the keys.

We always carry out turnkey projects based on a design concept agreed in advance and approved by the customer, advising further construction work at every stage, offering our expertise and experience. The offer of turnkey finishes ensures the quick realization of the investment and the delivery of a finished building or room.

The turnkey investment includes the following services:

– construction work
– construction equipment
– finishing work
– street works

Turnkey construction work involves one contract, one contractor, a fixed price, a guarantee of on-time delivery, comfort, and time savings.