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Candidate Testing

Hiring the wrong people for a company can have serious consequences. Reading the application documents on your own does not tell you much about the candidate. In addition to checking a candidate’s knowledge and skills, it is also important to determine their potential and predispositions. This is accomplished through specially prepared tests for recruitment. Conducting tests will help to make the right choice of personality.

Soft skill personality tests
With soft skill personality tests, you will get information about the candidate’s personality traits in relation to his or her professional activities:
– Attitude towards work,
– Emotional stability,
– Interpersonal skills,
– Management skills,
– Achievement Motivation.

Through intelligence tests, you will get information about the different manifestations of a candidate’s intelligence:
– Problem-solving skills,
– Learning skills (how quickly the candidate gains experience),
– Abstract and spatial thinking,
– Administrative capacity.

Analytical Research
The analytical exam will allow you to master the following candidate skills:
– Verbal – vocabulary, analogies, syllogisms, classifications, diagrams, reading comprehension.
– Mathematical – a series of problems, arithmetic problems, calculus.
– Creative – cubes, series of figures.
– Administrative – compare words, compare pictures.