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Human Resources

Human Resources:

– Wage calculation
– Registering and updating employee data in ZUS
– Calculation of employee remuneration for different types of employment, including foreigners.
– Processing invoices for civil contracts
– Calculation of social and health insurance contributions.
– Calculation of personal income tax
– Preparing remunerated translations
– Support for tax control of the state labor inspectorate or ZUS control
– Preparation of annual returns, delivery to the appropriate tax authorities, employees, and client management.
– Preparation of settlement declarations

Why outsource employees and outsource payroll?

Recently, the market for HR and payroll outsourcing has been changing and developing dynamically. The constant introduction of new technology is effectively making it easier to run your company. As someone running a business, you don’t have to worry about falling behind in the labor market. Trust the experts to find out why you should trust us with your company’s human resources and payroll.

1. Cost reduction
For many entrepreneurs, this is one of the most important arguments when deciding to work with an outside company. The very definition of outsourcing in its simplest sense states that it should be cheaper than doing the work yourself. Reducing the cost of implementing human resources and payroll services in a company is an important element that will save you money. Undoubtedly, the advantage of outsourcing is the reduction in costs (this applies to those companies that had their resources before the transformation) or the difference between the costs required to create and maintain jobs (personnel costs) and the costs of outsourcing.

For example, entrepreneurs using HR services do not incur any costs related to employee retention: social and integration costs, replacement costs, overtime, employee rotation costs (firing and hiring), support for other functions – etc. There are also no fixed costs associated with the workplace, such as office space, utilities (water, electricity), Internet, paper, groceries, photocopying, or insurance.

2. Protection of personal data.
The current EU regulations (GDPR) are causing concern for many companies. Doubts about this can also be resolved by outsourcing human resources and payroll. Our personal data is not always safe. As a responsible entrepreneur, you have to keep in mind many aspects of security, both in terms of the qualifications of employees, who must have the appropriate knowledge and expertise, and the security derived from the availability of IT systems. All of this forces you to take steps to ensure proper access to data for authorized individuals. These problems seem simple and perhaps easily solved independently in every enterprise. However, they require time and financial resources. To that end, outsourcing HR and payroll allows you to outsource this important aspect to a company that handles them daily and has the necessary tools and experience in this area.

3. Modern technologies
The aforementioned benefits are quite common, but some are not as popular but can often make a big difference for the business. Namely, we are talking about access to best practices and specialized subject area software. Software that implements the best procedures and automates the most frequent, repetitive actions (this will allow you to reduce case resolution time, get rid of piles of documents). This can greatly improve human resources services, such as time recording applications, leave requests, managing employee requests, and transmitting and distributing repetitive personnel documents. Such a procedure will allow employees to become more independent in performing administrative tasks, reduce the number of jobs in the HR department and, as a result, reduce employee service costs.

To summarize: the activity that will be devoted to choosing the right HR and payroll management outsourcing service is an important step in the company’s future and its development. Above all, it is an investment that will provide the opportunity to run and manage the business in a modern, cheap and safe way.