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Outplacement is helping laid-off employees in their new life situation and developing and implementing actions leading to hiring and retention. Support is also provided to management personnel, as well as to human resources departments making difficult decisions related to downsizing.

1. Access to seminars for applicants and professional development courses (including retraining).
2. individual assessment of career prospects, based on the requirements of the candidate, using the latest staffing tools.
3. Psychological help – increasing self-esteem, analysis of strengths and weaknesses.
Individual career counseling.
5. Opportunities for additional training and professional education confirming acquired skills and qualifications.
6. Consideration of the possibility of employment with one of our partners, analysis of the candidate’s experience, motivation, and place of residence.
7. Temporary work – gaining new experience and qualifications.
8. Assistance in drawing up documents for employment (resume, cover letter), preparation for the interview.
9. Outplacement of management staff (top managers, directors) on an individual basis.

Benefits of using outplacement
1. You do not accept the responsibilities and challenges of the employment restructuring process
2. Access to local job offers in your industry
3. Access to information about professional development opportunities
4. Reducing the negative emotions associated with the dismissal process
5. Supporting teams and their leaders in building commitment and motivation to work
6. Improving the company’s image in the eyes of the local community and contractors.