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Personnel motivation and employee evaluation

Incentive systems and employee evaluations
A properly motivated workforce can do more for a company than technological innovation or a well-thought-out marketing strategy. So, the key questions for managers are:

1. Knowledge of the level of staff commitment

2. awareness of what factors are the best motivators for employees.

3. The possibility of constant and appropriate incentives for personnel.

Employee motivation can be based on financial rewards and non-financial factors.

As part of our employee incentive benefits, we develop an effective employee compensation and bonus systems, including commission bonuses and non-wage benefit rules. A consistent incentive system benefits both the employer and the employee. It reflects on performance and connects the employee to the company. It gives employees a sense that the employer cares about their development.

Employee evaluations
One of the elements of personnel audits is employee evaluations. Their main purpose is to comprehensively evaluate employees’ work and their attitude toward the organization and its goals, and thus to gather the information needed to make personnel decisions.

Employee evaluations give employees feedback on their performance and the way they work at the company, as well as recommendations for possible behavioral changes. Each appraisal is preceded by a thorough consultation with the client, aimed at tailoring the appraisal process to the goals they want to achieve in their particular case. We create employee evaluation systems strictly adapted to the structure and culture of a given organization. We train management staff on how to use this tool to make it a permanent fixture in the project calendar.