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Why is recruitment an important element of company development?

Recruiting the best employees is extremely important in today’s dynamic business reality. The best, that is, those with competencies and qualifications appropriate to the position, but also those who want to develop, are able to adapt and understand the company in which they work. If we as an organization don’t strive to be the best, our competitors are bound to do it for us. Mistakes associated with selecting unsuitable employees can lead to the entire organization’s functioning, financial losses, and stagnation of the company.

We are engaged in comprehensive recruitment from different regions. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

We select for all levels of the organization: from production positions and blue-collar workers to the highest levels of management in the company.

We recruit not only employees but also partners – people who make the organization work on terms other than those regulated by the Labor


– economic activity
– treaty
– civil law contract.

When conducting recruitment projects, we use the most modern and proven methods of recruitment.

Direct search

We recruit and select candidates for professional and executive positions. We seek employees through direct targeted recruitment and analysis of databases of job seekers.

As part of direct recruitment, we screen applications from candidates in response to job postings based on the job profile received. The client receives only those applications that meet the formal requirements and have undergone a substantive review. This saves the company the time it takes to analyze requests.

We also use our candidate databases. Persons whose qualifications and competencies match the content of the offer are informed about the hiring. If they are interested in employment, we send their application to the client.