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Reduced employment

The economic situation, changes in company strategy, and optimization of processes within the company often lead to the need to reduce employment. The way layoffs are handled affects the company’s image as an employer in the future. We help our clients handle layoffs:

1. By the legal regulations
2. Regarding ethical standards
3. Possible cost minimization

Dismissal of employees, a support program, and collective dismissal of employees that we implement at the request of our customers.

Outplacement helps people affected by downsizing find new jobs.
Help in this situation:

– training to improve active job search skills
– career guidance
– application assistance
– direct job search support.

Optimizing employment

Optimization of employment consists of the adaptation of human resources to the specifics of a given company and market needs. A well-prepared and properly implemented human resource rationalization process will increase the competitiveness of the company and reduce personnel costs and wages, and thus increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities carried out.