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IT Support

IT Support

We provide technical support, hardware and software maintenance, server administration and network management. We have worked for companies with branches operating throughout Poland.

We support the dynamic development of your company. As a part of the outsourcing IT we provide you with the continuity of service, effective and rapid response to the notification, data security and expert advice in the field of IT as well as the assist in the development of infrastructure according to the needs of Client’s company. This is all without the costs and problems associated with maintaining your own IT department.


Our services:
• remote and on-site support, depending on the needs
• warranty and out-of-warranty workstation service (including hardware diagnostics and troubleshooting, installation of peripherals and extension cards, hardware maintenance, processing of hardware repair/replacement, etc.), and assistance in the selection of computer hardware
• software maintenance and liaison with suppliers of specialized software and other IT services on the client’s behalf
• assistance in the selection of computer hardware
• hardware and software audits
• operating system selection, installation and restoration
• software selection consultancy and installation
• network, internet and email setup
• securing and protecting data (backup)
• it equipment inventory


Our objective is to ensure the continuous operation and stability of our client’s IT systems by providing proper IT infrastructure maintenance and management.

Our services:

• servers administration and maintaining the continuity of servers work
• continuous supervision over system and network performance
• monitoring the continuity of application and service operation
• design and deployment of solutions to improve security
• continuous threat monitoring and optimisation to avoid failures and ensure business continuity
• administration and remote maintenance of servers
• administration of Microsoft Windows and Linux systems
• administration of e-mail systems (Exchange, Postfix)
• server virtualization
• server migration

What we guarantee:

• short response time (as per the SLA) during the client’s business hours
• efficient ticket processing: remote and on-site support, depending on the needs
• high availability (up to 24/7)
• access to a servicing system that enables ticket status tracking in real time
• reporting: access to a complete ticket record
• replacement hardware