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Auction wholesale

Auction wholesale trade is carried out with the help of auctions, which are periodically acting centers of intermediary trade of real goods with individual properties. Auctions are held nationally and internationally. Auctions organized in the form of joint-stock companies are the most common. Often, they monopolize trade in a certain type of goods, for which they buy up goods from producers, setting purchase prices, and resell the goods to wholesale intermediaries, making a profit from the price difference. Auctions also accept goods for resale from independent producers on a commission basis. Large auctions have their production facilities for finishing the commodities.

The development of modern information technology has led to the emergence of Internet auctions or online auctions. Unlike conventional auctions, online auctions are conducted remotely and can be conducted through a website or computer program. The endpoint of an online auction is determined in advance by the seller when the item is bid. In conventional auctions, on the other hand, there is competition for as long as the bids are raised. Internet auctions are often referred to as auctions that are not conducted on the Internet, but those who wish to bid can bid over the Internet. Recently, payment systems and user authorization systems have been added to auction software.

Our wholesale auction brokerage offering consists of a variety of optimization solutions that allow the client to avoid the potential financial, labor, and reputational costs of participating in auctions on their own.

Our experts analyze the current state of the market and provide a recommendation report. It contains forecasts for the cost of a particular group of goods, taking into account many factors. Based on the report, the client can choose the more favorable time, auction, quantity of goods, and the limit prices.

We cooperate with many wholesale buyers, which allows us to form large batches of goods and thus buy at auctions large lots at bargain prices. In consequence, the price of goods for our customers is always better than the market offers for a similar amount of goods.

Our experience in this field allows us to provide the best quality services. We strive to develop ourselves and develop this market direction together with our clients. We value our reputation and together with the high level of service we guarantee the security of our customers’ data.