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Exchange wholesale trade

Exchange wholesale trade is conducted at the commodity exchange, which is a voluntary association of legal entities and individuals for the open public sale of goods in a certain place, at a certain time, but the predetermined rules.

The main tasks and functions of the commodity exchange are creating conditions for exchange trading, registration of exchange transactions, identification of supply and demand for goods, the study of factors affecting the dynamics of exchange prices, quotation, and its publication. In this context, a quotation is the identification of prices for goods, taking into account supply and demand for a certain period or date as a reference point for sellers and buyers in transactions.

At the exchange as participants of trades, transactions are made by members of the commodity exchange, their representatives, and visitors of trades. Among trading participants, exchange brokers are rendering intermediary services on fulfillment of exchange deals to exchange members or clients at their expense, and exchange dealers carry out exchange deals on their behalf and at their own expense.

Exchange members are legal entities or individuals who have acquired the right to participate in trading and may dispose of it in the order, defined by the Exchange charter. Persons who are not exchange members or its representatives, but were admitted to make one-time exchange deals independently, are also admitted as participants of trades. The subject of an exchange deal is the conclusion of a contract for delivery of goods admitted to trading by this exchange, as well as the right to buy or sell them.

Exchange transactions can be carried out both with available goods and with goods that will appear in the future (forwards, futures, options, and other transactions). The sale of goods on the exchange is made at a free price, set by agreement between the parties to the exchange transaction.

Our company provides brokerage services on various exchanges, such as Copart, Binance, national exchanges such as the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and others.

The specialists of our company will provide you with extensive advice and inform you about the particular exchange of interest, its rules, and the goods that are sold there.

When you entrust us with trading your goods or delegate us to make a purchase, you receive a complete package of information about the upcoming transaction and confirm it yourself. We guarantee a high-quality selection of offers and promptness in the fulfillment of the transaction.