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Major repairs, major modernization, reconstruction, and adaptation of premises

Services include repair and construction work on existing buildings that have fallen into disrepair over time, with the restoration of functionality and appearance. Modernization, reconstruction depending on the work order, finishing services for renovated facilities.

Work in this area can include comprehensive work from remodeling to final finishes with new interior installations. As a specialized and experienced team, we carry out all renovations and upgrades with the utmost care to preserve the old historic parts of the building, as well as carry out modern renovation work with the best materials and solutions in mind.

The scope of our repair and upgrade services includes:

  • Masonry services – the scope of work associated with the creation (erection) of building structures using quality scaffolding and sites.
  • Construction services.
  • Building insulation services – work related to sealing the walls of buildings, ensuring good thermal insulation and a positive effect on the use of heat inside the premises, and optimizing heating costs.
  • Interior installations – services related to the execution of all necessary building installations on each site by the technologies known in the market, using branded materials and necessary tools.
  • Major repairs – services include repairs and construction work on existing buildings, restoration of functionality and appearance, modernization or renovation services, finishing services.
  • Routine repairs – services consisting of repairing damage, improving the existing appearance, and renovating buildings or facilities.