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Cleaning for booking.com

Our company specializes in the maintenance of apartments for rent

We have years of experience with this type of investment, we give advice or help develop a schedule and method of property management. Short-term rentals have recently been highly appreciated by investors and hotel guests alike.

It’s a great alternative to traditional hotels that offer fully functional apartments with kitchenettes, bathrooms, toilets, and are often less expensive than regular hotel services. This is also a great idea for a business, many private entrepreneurs turn to the Company for help in launching a project or maintenance of an apartment. We provide comprehensive cleaning services after the guest has left, as well as offering services during their stay.

The four pillars of cleaning services

Customer focus

Our company wants all of our customers to feel valued and listened to. Each of our teams has participated in training programs related to cleaning and customer service. Our people are dedicated and open-minded. We strive to provide both satisfactory cleaning results and excellent customer service.

Specialist cleaning services

We have the best tools and devices to ensure that our customers’ buildings are kept to the appropriate standard of cleanliness.


Our company will listen to you and perform our duties according to your needs.

Best Service

We use only professional detergents and devices. This allows the cleaning service to offer the highest quality services.